Capt.Robert Gray #2971-11-50

Outpost of Doc Maynard #54-40 

The History We Sail For

The Capt. Robert Gray Historical Foundation is the first "BI-STATEUAL" "Maritime" Historical Foundation dedicated to bringing light to the unknown and known history of the Columbia River.

Monthly meetings are held every 4th Saturday of the month @ 11:50am at The Silver Star Saloon in Vancouver, WA unless otherwise posted in the Calendar.

Capt. Robert Gray

Robert Gray (May 10, 1755 – circa July, 1806) was an American merchant sea captain who is known for his achievements in connection with two trading voyages to the northern Pacific coast of North America, between 1790 and 1793, which pioneered the American maritime fur trade in that region. In the course of those voyages, Gray explored portions of that coast and, in 1790, completed the first American circumnavigation of the world. Perhaps his most remembered accomplishment from his explorations was his coming upon and then naming of the Columbia River, in 1792 while on his second voyage.

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